Thousand Island Park was established in 1875 as a Methodist Camp Meeting Ground.  Much of it’s history is documented in Thousand Island Park: 100 Years, and Then Some by Helen Jacox and Eugene Kleinhans, Jr.  There are also a number of stereoviews (3-D Photographs) taken in the 1870s and 80s in River Views: A History of the 1000 Islands in 3-D

This page will focus on the oral histories and film records available regarding the 1920s on.

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Excerpts (about 6 minutes) from almost twenty minutes of 8mm film that belonged to the Raymond Staub of Thousand Island Park.

Narration added -- Thomas Mitchell explaining some of the financial history of Thousand Island Park, which included Ray Staub.

Titles also added.

Footage includes Golf Clubhouse, Four Corners, Rochester Hotel, Shore Picnic, and Classic Views from a Day on the River

Life at the T.I. Park Livery, circa 1925 -- Fires, Pranks, & afternoons with a Girl and a Victrola in a Skiff.  Thomas Mitchell discusses his youth working at the Livery.

From Semi-Pro Baseball to Booze in the Ice Truck, Grant Mitchell ( ) recalls Life at TI Park before the Columbian Fire.

Scenes from the Main Dock

Scenes off the Coast

The Columbian Hotel Fire at Thousand Island Park, July 9, 1912, as told by Grant Mitchell, who was 12 the day of the fire.  Recorded by Nellie Taylor, Grant’s niece, in the 1970s.

Private Yachts, Boatmen, Racing, and the First Outboards as told by Thomas Mitchell.

Boat Racing off T.I. Park as told by Grant Mitchell.

Horse Powered Ferry at Original Main Dock

Circa 1880.  Note Treadmill.